Glorjana Veber


The foundation of the book WisEye is a human being – a new human being born from the old one. In order to understand our current life and path, it is necessary to raise our consciousness. We must ask ourselves how we can help ourselves in times of trials and growth, be it on a personal or professional journey.
Our day and age has demonstrated that the way we’ve lived so far doesn’t satisfy the needs of our inner world. We live in a world of difficult economic, political, social, environmental, health, personal challenges, but also in a world of immense opportunities.

That is why it’s essential that, with the technology at our disposal, we awaken the human being within, the human being that will outgrow his or her limitations. To find the akashic ability to evoke knowledge and give life on earth a brighter experience of being, come closer to nature.

The journey into oneself is always a journey into unknown.

Glorjana Veber

Glorjana Veber (1981) is a poet, performer and spiritual researcher who holds a degree in political science and scientific doctorate in Literary Studies on the topic Poetry – an element of social change. She has received several national and international poetry awards and her poetry is translated into more than 30 languages. Within her Institute IRIU she developed more than 1000 innovative-experimental projects with poetry in Slovenia and abroad. She is the author of several poetry books in Slovenia and abroad. Among them is the bilingual poetry book In Proximity of Silence, which was first Slovenian book translated into Bengali language. Recently her two poetry books were translated into Macedonian language, chosen by Committee of the Ministry of Culture of North Macedonia. For more information please visit

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